It’s more than just a gratitude journal, it’s an interactive book for HAPPINESS! Inside you’ll find places to record gratitude, doodling prompts, coloring pages, and more!

Essentially, it’s something to do when you put your phone down.

This little book adventure started when I realized I had my head downchecking obsessing over social media. I realized that social media wasn’t making me happier, it was making me miserable!  But I knew there must be a happy medium and I chose to try new things.

Actually it wasn’t all new things.

I’ve always liked to write, doodle, find joy wherever I am. But it had been so long since I had just been present. I knew that recording gratitude was good, but I would get bored miss lots of days and such. Then I realized I just wanted things to do in my margin time–the time in between appts, driving, car lines, etc.

I combined them all in one little book and here it is! I hope you’ll take a look and see if you find more HAPPINESS when you discover new things you like.