I’m Paige. I’m a Wife, a Mom, and Small Business Owner.

This space is a creative outlet for my soul. A place I can call my own. Here you’ll find eclectic topics or what I call Lagniappe! That’s “a little something extra” where I come from.

I love encouraging others, hanging out with friends, and being a Mom and Wife.

I love the Lord and I strive to give myself the kind of Grace he delivers daily.

I write about being a mom, running a small business, cooking, organization (my lack of), hospitality, and my adoption story.

Oh, and I like adventure!

In the last year, I climbed 2 mountains, went sky-diving, white water rafting, camped 4 times, and tackled Disney World.

I’m so glad and grateful that you stopped in!

I like to give encouragement (it’s sort-of my love language) and my hope is that you’ll take away some of that when you go. 


  1. I’m married to Tony and we have 2 daughters. I love my little family!
  2. My girls are 15 months apart to the day.
  3. I’m a birth mom to one son.  He’s pretty awesome and so are his parents!
  4. I got to skydive in 2014
  5. Then climbed a mountain the next day
  6. Then road a mechanical bull a little later, you know, to round out a country song. 
  7. I was once a Flight Attendant.
  8. Before that I was a Bank Teller 3 times
  9. Oh, and I was a Phlebotomist 3 times
  10. I’ve gotten fired before and that has led to wonderful life experiences. One door closes and another opens. That’s how I became a….See #7.
  11. Currently I’m Mom in Charge (current full-time position)
  12. I went to college on a dance scholarship.
  13. I took French language classes from preschool through high school, because Spanish was not offered until 9th grade in Louisiana.
  14. I don’t know my exact heritage, but I believe I’m a mix of everything! Hint: I’m from Louisiana.
  15. I was an exchange student in Provence, France for a summer. That almost didn’t happen because I was too afraid to admit my dream. True story. So, DO NOT LET YOUR DREAMS DIE.
  16. I moved to 3 major cities from my small hometown with only knowing one other person—that person being the equivalent of a FB friend in today’s standards–all without cell phones.
  17. I started my own business from the ground up in 2012 because I saw a great opportunity.
  18. I’ve cut my hair into a pixie more times than I remember since I left high school.
  19. I once let my hairdresser cut my ponytail off.
  20. And I cut my hair usually after a major life change.
  21. I had 2 home births with midwives at my home.
  22. Before 2 home births, I had a c-section. That means I’ve had HBAC x2.
  23. I cloth diapered my girls part time to save money.
  24. I’ve started and stopped many many paper journals, because I was never happy with my “story”.
  25. I’m a little OCD before starting something new. I just can’t stop researching. This blog took forever to get started. LOL!
  26. I don’t go home much, but when I do I love authentic Cajun food, visiting family, and seeing 2 amazing friends back home.
  27. One Fall, we traveled in a vintage RV around the southeast states volunteering with our girls.
  28. I don’t suggest living in an RV with a 14 month old and a 2 year old. Nope, not at all.
  29. I enjoy hosting holiday gatherings for local family–sometimes having 16 people for dinner in our previous little 2 bedroom bungalow.
  30. We like to choose older homes with character and stories. Our current home is a young 50 year old ranch.
  31. I’m decorating challenged and find it difficult to commit to a trendy decorating style.
  32. That’s when it’s nice to have a real life reality TV friend who specializes in decorating come over. Thanks Lori.